A note on sources:  certain states have digitized their archival materials and have provided a wealth of primary source material for the women's club movement in the United States.  Other states have archival material, but little of it has been turned into digital media.

Sources for this project:

Assumption College - Dust Bowl Research
Photograph of Farm Camp Women's Club during the Depression - Remembered and Reclaimed
Information on African-American Women's Clubs

Washington State Historical Society - Featured Collections
Various photographs of women's clubs, club documents and women at work

Washington Women's History Consortium:
Information on the women's club movement in Washington State

Minnesota Historical Society - visual resources database
Early photographs of women in clubs

National Women's History Museum
Information on women's clubs and photographs - The Free, Online Encylopaedia of Washington History

Electronic New Jersey - A Digital Archive of New Jersey History
Pamphlets from Anti-Suffragists

Photos of Fort Worth Women's Club

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Roland Park, Baltimore, MD
Photograph of Roland Park Women's Club

Hilton C. Buley Library:  United States Women's History Primary Resources
Political cartoons