Sunday, November 21, 2010

Women's Club Members Stir the Pot!

Better Mothers When Women Vote, She Says

  1. Who is Mrs. George A. Smith? 
  2. What organization does she represent?
  3. What is Mrs. Smith's main argument for women's suffrage?
  4. Who is Mrs. H.P. Fish?
  5. What organization does she represent?
  6. What is the significance of these organizations coming together?

  1. Not all women were in favor of votes for women.  Summarize the reasons given by certain women in New Jersey.
  2. In your opinion, are these reasons valid? 
  3. Why or why not?
  4. Do you consider voting a duty or a privilege?
  5. What, in your opinion, are the duties of women? 
  6. Of men?

  1. What is happening in this political cartoon?
  2. What is a suffragist?
  3. Describe the characteristics of the women in the cartoon.
  4. What does the cartoonist mean by "only a MERE man"?
  5. What does this suggest about the popular opinion or sterotypes of suffragist?
  6. How does this portrayal of women contrast with the portrayal of women in the above flyer?

  1. What is this cartoon depicting?
  2. Who are the Anti-Suffragists?
  3. "Queen of the Home" sounds like a lofty title.  Is it?
  4. What do they mean by "Queen of a Cook-Stove Throne"?
  5. How does this cartoon relate to the "reasons" from New Jersey, above?
  6. Does this cartoonist support the suffragists or anti-suffragists?  Why do you think so?

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